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søndag 20. februar 2011

Kvardagsliv frå El Alto

Check out:

7 kommentarer:

msdewberry sa...

I like it! Its like taking your dog for a walk, only a sheep!
Good photo!

Joyful sa...

I love the photo ;-) Posting it in black and white adds something special to it.

Dragonstar sa...

Lovely photo. Daily life is very different there.

Walk in New York sa...

belle photo en b&w, j'aime la composition

Remember, Every Friday, The Challenge "Walk In The Street Photography"

Lucy Corrander sa...

Something I have never seen.


Cecilia Artista sa...

Underbar bild på kvinnan och fåret. Det kanske är det enda djur hon har.

I Kina har jag sett barn som har varit ute och gått med sin gris i ett snöre. Fantastiskt!

Rita sa...

I stumbled on your blog tonight. I was delighted to find it and will be telling my brother about it. My brother is a Catholic priest who lived in La Paz for over five years doing missionary work back in the late seventies.

This photo reminds me of the pictures he use to send home. In fact I have a painting he sent me by a local artist that has people in the same type of clothing.

I will be checking back often.

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